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Session 42 Edit

Narrator: Ystava gets out his crowbar, turns his head from side to side to get a good look at the lock, then slams it in, grunts heavily, and pops open the door. A loud bell clangs as the door flies open.
Ystava: "Hello! We are here for the saving!"
Beltarne grimaces "There goes the element of surprise."

Session 44 Edit

Even when the narrator is nice, the delvers argue
Narrator: 4 days after leaving Polisberg, the delvers entered the antman mound and after much violence, defeated the guards and overcame the various traps.
Artegal: "fell prey to". I'm pretty sure 'we landed headfirst in the pit' is stretching the definition of 'overcame'.
Ystava: Hey, we survived and beat the monsters in the pit, and then escaped. That's like overcoming a mountain.

Perhaps this team is not suited for intelligence work
Ystava: gets bored eavesdropping on bugs and comes over to watch the interrogation for a bit.
GM: Torvall and Artegal are playing good cop/bad cop, but not very well because Torvall refuses to really threaten them and Artegal is too likable to be the bad cop. So it's more like wuss cop/happy cop and that doesn't work as well as you might think.

Artegal overestimates the value of charm and charisma
GM: As Artegal walks down the corridor, a trio of hand axes whirl out of the darkness.
Artegal: smiles at the sight of antmen shapes in the darkness. "Greet-- ACK!"
Artegal: "Oy, look, I really just want to talk with you! I'm sure we can settle this if we just negotiate!"
GM: The antmen are scurring down the hall at Move 5 if anyone wants to give chance.
Artegal: runs after, though hardly at a sprint.
Torvall: "I'm sure chasing would be a very bad idea on their home turf."
Artegal: "We'll hardly be able to get any information if we don't talk with them!"
Ystava: follows Artegal. "They talking with the axes. I do not think they are with the talking."

Maybe having the most observant guy be the stupidest guy wasn't a great plan
Ystava: "The floor thing hole, you fix it! Ystava hates the hole thing!"
Artegal: "The what?"
Wolfgang: "Who knows!"
Ystava: "The floor hole thing with the dirt and the smaller hole!"

One of these things in not like the other
Narrator: The delvers advance, following the antman. The antman stops chanting, and the noise through the mound stops. As the delvers turn, a pair of glow vials drop in the darkness, illuminating massed ranks of antmen standing and kneeling with leveled crossbows. The second rank forms around a huge antmen, easily as tall as Ystava, holding paired halberds. A winged antmen with 2 repeater crossbows stands to his left and an antmen with a net stands to his right. Behind the netman, golden runes glow on an antmen's staff.
Artegal: I'm only seeing enemies on the left. But I do see the whole lot of them.
Ystava: I'm seeing them on the right. So that means we're pinned in.
GM: You have about 1 second before a bunch of crossbow bolts come to visit.
Torvall: Scurry back behind a corner if possible!
Beltarne: In that second I go southward as fast as possible.
Ystava: "The guys they are everywhere!"
Artegal: Advance three steps, AoD (Dodge).
Wolfgang: All-out block, step backwards.
Ystava: You're all alone Artie. I am noticing this. Are you SURE you don't have On the Edge, even?
Torvall: We did not wish to be pincushions.
Artegal: "There aren't THAT many! We can take them!"
Ystava: ...
Ystava: Delusion: Gentile Proficiency?

Begging for a reason not to get shot
Ystava:: starts moving around the corner. Oh look, Antmen!
Antmen:: 4 antmen loose crossbows at Ystava.
Ystava:: Yeah, about waht I figured. It looks like I have some cover from the corner?
Ystava:: Perhaps? Mebby? a little?

Session 45 Edit

Why are we doing this again?
Ystävä: uses the potion!
GM: Ystava feels better. except about the wall of halberds.
Ystävä: Well yes. That is causing some alarm.

Enemies learn eventually
Multiple attacks have bounced off Artegal's layered breastplate and mail
Artegal: I'm loving that breastplate right now. I truly am.
Antmen: Warrior #7 steps and stabs and hacks at Artegal aiming for the arms.
Ystävä: snrks.

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WM/Treks/Log 4-1 Edit

Why You Should Scout.
GM: You go fast if you don't scout. You also overrun 80 cavalrymen.
Emily: 80 cavalrymen? Is that like "You fall on five death checks?"
Communication skills
Bedlam: "Don't get too close to those red plants. Really nasty."
Narrator: Bedlam points to a line of red plants, like massive roses, about 200 yds away up on the hill.
Ystävä looks around, looks up, and does a double take.
Ystävä: "The stabby balls! Yes, with the stabbing and the thorns and the ptu."
Ystävä spits.
Bedlam: "Well put."
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