Mailing Lists Edit

Planning and preparation occurs on The Saga of Westmarch Google Group, which can be read by anyone.

Virtual Tabletops Edit

OpenRPG 1.7.5 and The latest development version of MapTool are required to play.

GURPS Die Roller for OpenRPG. OpenRPG Dieroller guide for the GURPS dieroller.

MapTool is a free virtual tabletop with excellent graphics capabilities.

Screenshot of OpenRPG & MapTool Combo

Character Sheets Edit

Please put character sheets up on the Google group and announce it when you do. You can use any tool you like to create the character.

If you have nothing preferred, the GM created an Excel spreadsheet, and then made it into an OpenOffice spreadhseet. It's hopefully well enough documented to be useful, but feel free to ask questions. You need to be logged into the Google group on your current computer to download the spreadsheet.

If that seems like too much of a bother, either use GURPS Character Assistant or write stuff out by hand and use a calculator.

Tokens Edit

The GM will provide tokens for use on the Virtual Tabletop. Players are welcome to provide their own.

There are many free tokens available online.

Other Stuff Edit

You can add a graphical portrait of your character to your token in MapTool.

Check this link, a small tutorial about handling tokens:

The part about the portraits is forwarding the tutorial to 6:45 mins approximately.

Here you can download your respective tokens to your hardrive for then making the drag & drop action in-game:

Beltarne port Lenia port Thog-thb Arganyev port Sithis port Singeon port Mrugnak-Portrait-Mini Hammer Port

The result would be something like this if you move the mouse pointer near your token, but with your own character face instead:

Portrait Example