Lenia's personal notes are in blue.

Fens of DespairEdit

  • The Fens of Despair are a low-lying, water soaked swamp on a river delta leading to the ocean.
God, when did I write this? How drunk was I? Did I think I might LOSE a geographical feature?
  • Ming Liu the silk merchant was ruined when bandits captured his caravan near the Fens of Despair
Ming Liu may be able to offer a reward, or if he's been ruined we could sell the silk ourselves. Bandits should be easy marks, but we'll want to be wary of getting outnumbered.
  • Lizardmen pirates took a lot of ivory off the river traffic near the Fens of Despair
More luxury items to sell - always good to make cash!
  • Old Man Geoff paid 5 lbs in silver ransom to bandits who lived in a swamp by the caravan road
These may be the same bandits who stole the silk. See if local authorities want these bandits removed, may be able to finagle a larger reward.
  • There used to be a Druid Grove near a swamp a few days walk from Polisberg, but it was overrun by dire wolves and the sacred gold relics were lost.
Druids attacked by dire wolves? There's got to be more to this story. Bears investigation.
  • Sir Kristoff the Foolhardy ventured into the Fens of Despair wearing mithril armor and hasn't returned.
Ka-ching. I wonder if he earned the 'Foolhardy' name before or after venturing into a swamp full of deadly creatures all on his lonesome.

Deep Tunnels of the Caverns of MadnessEdit

  • The Dusken Stars found some cave entrances near the Caverns of Madness that lead to deep underground tunnels. They saw huge chitinous warriors down there before they fled.
We met some of these our last trip in; they're bad news but hardly unbeatable. I'd hate to get swarmed by them.
  • There are pockets of poisonous gas in the lowest levels of the Caverns of Madness
This can be dealt with, possibly even used.
  • A village of colepterans living under the Caverns of Madness has been fighting a bunch of mutant colepterans.
Mutant lobsters, mutant beetles, much the same. See if the villagers are offering a reward.
  • A bunch of cultists summoned an Elder Thing before being driven out of the Caverns of Madness. The Elder Thing retreated into the deepest caves and lives there to this day.
This needs to be stopped, but are we up to the task? Hate to think of what will happen if Mrugnak loses it.
  • Many of the tunnels beneath Caverns of Madness are flooded and the dwarves never mined the silver from them
Mining is an awfully hard way to make money.

The Cliffs of Shattered FortuneEdit

  • The Cliffs of Shattered Fortune are tall black cliffs that overlook a craggy and unfriendly passage. Hundreds of ships have sunk there over the centuries, leaving untold wealth.
Note to self: research Water Breathing.
  • Sailors near the Cliffs of Shattered Fortune have heard beautiful, compelling singing coming from the shore.
Sirens? Possibly bad news; other delvers aren't that bright.
  • All kinds of creatures lair near the Cliffs of Shattered Fortune. Crabmen and strange mutant plants have been seen there.
Mutant plants are still plants. Demonic taint possible, research this.
  • Someone has relit the lighthouse at the Cliffs of Shattered Fortune and is luring ships to their doom
"Someone". Needs more research.
  • Sailing ships passing by the Cliffs of Shattered Fortune have a seen a great purple winged shape flying high overhead.
Dragon? Some kind of wyrm. Worrisome.

The Shrouded ValleyEdit

  • The center of Shrouded Valley is a massive walled keep was originally built by ogres.
Only ever met one ogre. Easy to outwit, hard to fight. Given party composition, though, we're in for a hard fight.
  • The Shrouded Valley gets its name from a magical cloud of darkness that shields it from sunlight.
Who does this sort of thing? Big enchantment to break, if we want to do it.
  • Goblin wolfriders patrol the area around the Shrouded Valley.
What was it Dad always said? "Goblins are like..." Eh, I don't remember. Mrugnak likes hitting them, though. Could be worthwhile.
  • The goblins of the Shrouded Valley captured the Tsorvano wedding caravan, and sent messengers demanding ransom to release them.
Paying us to rescue them is probably cheaper than paying a ransom to release them. Look into this.
  • A massive wall protects the only entrance into the Shrouded Valley.
Walls can be climbed. Or knocked down.
  • Greenskin hordes have been massing in the Shrouded Valley. They've re-opened the old dwarf mines and are mining mithril.
Someone else mining for you is an awfully easy way to make money.


  • A convergence of evil stars is approaching. Dark forces are massing far from Polisberg and planning dark works to mark the convergence. All kinds of great evil could be released.
Look into this more.