The fights in this session were highly atypical unarmed brawls, and are not included in the main statistics.

Delver Attacks Critical Hits Critical Misses Damage Delivered Defenses Critical Defense Failures Critical Defense Successes Times Hit Damage Taken Foes defeated Defeats
Mrugnak 1/7 0 0 8 3/4 0 0 1 0 Scared 3 Thugs
1 Thug
Singeon 2/5 0 0 8 3/3 0 0 0 0 2 Thugs 0
Thog 5/9 0 0 39 1/8 0 0 6 11 3 Thugs Defeated on points by Li-Li the Judo Master

Thog was devastatingly effective in the bar brawl against the thugs, taking out his 3 by main force and delivering massive damage. His defenses were weak, but he was so strongly built as to ignore minor kicks and punched. He was completely ineffectual in the fight against Li-Li the Judo master, never laying a finger on her and suffering a variety of throws, kicks, and trips.

Singeon was a defensive master. He held his own in both fights as an acrobatic swashbuckler, but his offense was weak.

Mrugnak took out 3 goons in the first fight just by bellowing at them loudly. He took no damage because no one was left standing to take a swing at him after he attacked. Against Wang Chung the janitor, he couldn't hit, but Wang Chung couldn't reliably hurt him either.