wrathgon: hello

Mark: Hello.

wrathgon: i will need a PC

Mark: You need to install openRPG to get the main conversation, wrathgon. We just maptools as a map because I hate the chat interface.

wrathgon: and a link to the rulebook been awhile since i played gurps

wrathgon: lol

Mark: As far as PCs.... you're Thog

wrathgon: does openRPG have chat?

wrathgon: voice chat?

Mark: Yep. Not voice chat, though.

wrathgon: o u dont use voice chat?

Mark: Nope.

wrathgon: any reason why not?

Mark: a) I like being able to type quietly while sitting next to my wife and not disturbing her by having conversations with people far away

Mark: b) two of the players are Spanish, and they read/write much faster than they hear/speak.

wrathgon: getting program now

Mark: Thanks! We're just chatting and waiting for connections.

Mark: openRPG server on

wrathgon: man alot of stuff to dl just so it works

Mark: sorry.

wrathgon: link to rulesbooks?

Mark: wrathgon - you any closer to OpenRPG status?

Mark: uhm?

wrathgon: updating

Mark: You own the GURPS books, right? I don't have spare copies to hand around.

wrathgon: sec

wrathgon: this is going to be hard to run both i got it open now

Singeon: do tyou have "throwing?" as a skill?

wrathgon: what dice do we use again 1d100 yea

Singeon: 3d6

wrathgon: yea 12

Singeon: That would be your dart skill then. Above average.

Singeon: $10

Singeon: It is "roll under"

Singeon: You missed by 3

wrathgon: what ed this 4th?

Singeon: Yep

Singeon: Its like 3rd, only more complicated.

Singeon: But very good

wrathgon: and fantasy cool got that in pdf

wrathgon: guess i should read a bit

Singeon: You need "Dungeon Fantasy 1 and 3."

wrathgon: i cant move token

Singeon: That was a Star Wars paraphrase!!

wrathgon: how long do we play for?

Mark: until 9 pm - 2.5 more hours.

wrathgon: i cant move token

wrathgon: can i do charge actions to overrun ppl?

wrathgon: with my size?

Singeon: Oh yeah!

Singeon: You must have good Strength, I would consider grappling and tossing these guys around

Singeon: I kinda suck without my rapiers

wrathgon: i am

Singeon: That was a paraphrase from the MASH movie

Mark: Thog has ST23 to Singeon's 13 and Mrugnak's 20.

Singeon: Slightly better than me

Mrugnak: Thog stronger. Mrugnak crankier.

Singeon: Singeon Singeonoer

Mrugnak: It takes two seconds to get up.

Mrugnak: So two turns.

wrathgon: damn

wrathgon: looks like tripping ppl is way to go then

Mrugnak: Yah. If you're Singeon and acrobatic you could try a backflip or something to get to your feet.

Mrugnak: But us big dudes just have to get up the slow way.

Mrugnak: There's a lot to get up there, after all

wrathgon: has the player of thug left game then?

wrathgon: thog

Mrugnak: I think so, I'm a little confused whether it's permanent, or just for months and months.

Mark: The original player? Yes. The replacement? Possibly. The replacement's replacement? I can't tell.

wrathgon: well i wouldnt mind joining after reading rules but would rather make my own PC, not a big fan of big dump fighters

wrathgon: more of a mage or smart martial player

wrathgon: Deceptive -4/-2??? how does these work?

Singeon: I think a martial artist with some defensive magic would be cool

Singeon: You reduce your attack by 4, giving a -2 to their defense

wrathgon: ahhh

Singeon: For every -2, they get -1

wrathgon: yea thats what i would play

Singeon: So high skill characters can rape lower ones

Singeon: Deceptive copmbines with feint as well

wrathgon: do u got mages in group?

Singeon: Lenia, who isn't here this week.

Singeon: But he's the bookish kinda hang in the back mage

Singeon: GURPS allows you to build specialist mages pretty well.

wrathgon: yea i got lots of pdf now that i looked

Singeon: Thog needs help!!!!

Mrugnak: Looks like it. Mrugnak is amazed!

Mrugnak: Woot! Belly-flop smash!

Singeon: It was an oppsed roll. You beat them by 9

wrathgon: ahhh ok

wrathgon: so there is oppsed rolls then

Singeon: But not in general combat

Singeon: That you roll to hit the target, either you are successful or not, then they decide to defend against a possible hit, if they succeed they negate the attack

wrathgon: who says i need help

Singeon: Thog's odds just improved

wrathgon: puny humans

Mrugnak: 3's and 4's always pass, if you can roll at all. 17s and 18's always fail. 18's are crit failures, 3's are crit successes.

Mrugnak: 17s and 18s are really rare, 1.8% or something.

Singeon: lol

wrathgon: flyby entertainment

Mrugnak: So. My bets are either a) we're run out of Town for being horrible violent monsters or b) rewarded for taking down a bunch of hoodlums. I don't really expect b.

wrathgon: heh

Singeon: Is there an extra effort to get an addiitonal attack?

Singeon: No one knows?

Mrugnak: That's a Rapid STrike.

Mrugnak: Extra effort 1FP per blow halves the penalty.

Singeon: And that Extra effort?

wrathgon: FP?

Mrugnak: so if you spend one FP, you attack at -6/-3, if you spend 2 it's -3/-3

Mrugnak: Fatigue point.

Mrugnak: Energy thingy, powers magic, martial arts, cool moves, etc.

wrathgon: ok does everyone get it

wrathgon: ?

Mrugnak: Yep.

Mrugnak: Starts equal to your HT score.

Mrugnak: It's probably near it on your character sheet.

wrathgon: thog got 15

Singeon: 1.8%... IN MY FAVOR!!!

Singeon: Everybody have fun tonight! Everyone Wang Chung tonight..... LOL they were at my Grad Night