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The Castle of Horrors and the Caves Beneath[edit | edit source]

An online GURPS game of dungeon looting with automatic weapons. Basically killing owlbears and taking their stuff, but rolling 3d6 and using rifles.

Concept[edit | edit source]

A group of friends go out on their annual hiking, camping, and hunting trip. When they wake up on the second day, they find themselves in the courtyard of an eerie castle, and then things start to get really weird. They eventually manage to return home with gold and odder treasures, and decide to exploit this opportunity to become fabulously wealthy.

Online Play[edit | edit source]

The group usually meets online on Wednesdays from 5:30pm until 9pm Central Time (USA, GMT -600). Lurkers are welcome and should contact Mark Langsdorf, the GM, at for information on how to get in on the game.

Setting[edit | edit source]

The homeworld of the starting characters is an Earth, much like our own. The most visible difference is the presence of Unknown Cause Metamorphosis Syndrome (UCMS, also known as Junk Gene Activation Syndrome or informally as goblinization), a collection of conditions with unknown causes that caused roughly 10% of the animal population of the planet to slowly transform into odd variations of the baseline population. At the campaign start in 2015, human UCMS victims are another set of special interest groups, with some variants suffering real prejudice and others exploiting their strange transformations.

The campaign starts at Earl Ranch, a 200,000 acre working ranch and farm in northeast Texas. The ranch's wooded hills are well stocked with deer, turkey, and various other migrant game birds, and infested with feral hogs.

Characters and Campaign[edit | edit source]

A listing of the delvers.

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Loot Spreadsheet


Rules[edit | edit source]

Rules References
The official and optional rules that are in use.
Rules Clarifications
Clarifications of official rules that are unclear.
House Rules
Changes to official rules.
Earning Character Points
Ways to earn CP for advancement.

Tools[edit | edit source]

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Campaign Wiki Editing[edit | edit source]

I'm going to post some initial setting information here on the wiki. Beyond that, nothing -- you guys will have to discover the rest in-game. If you want to use the wiki to take notes or keep track of setting information you discover, I heartily encourage that; feel free to contribute whatever you feel like.

To make it easier to create New Campaign pages, I made two templates:

  • When linking to a page about hobgoblins, use {{CH|Hobgoblins}} instead of [[Hobgoblins]] or [[CH/Hobgiblins]].
  • At the bottom of every page, put the {{CHCat}} instead of [[Category:Castle Horror]]. (It's quicker to type, too.)

(Note that those templates use squiggly braces { } not square brackets [ ].)

Remember that it's easier to reorganize existing info than to organize non-existing info, so if any of this page-link-stuff confuses you, it would be a better use of your time to just start typing on some existing page and let someone else move stuff around later.

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