Session 1 Edit

No, we're not being serious
Singeon: Step into close combat with W1. Double Eye Poke (Martial Arts, Page 89).
GM: That's a silly attack! Wouldn't allow it normally, but this is fine.
Singeon: I'm poking his eyes.
Mrugnak: Are you saying "Waaka wakka wakka"?
Wrathgon (Thog): he has to or dont work
Thug leader: In the classic counter, the thug leader brings his hand upright along his nose as he steps back. Success!
Thug leader: "Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!"

Singeon runs into difficulty
GM: A day or two passes, filled with epic drinking contests and belching. Lots of broken furniture. The usual.
Singeon: Women?
Mrugnak: Ha, with Mrugnak and Thog as your wingmen?
Singeon: Point well taken.

People circle in martial arts, don't they?
Singeon: Step and Evaluate for the third time - PURE MARTIAL ARTS ACTION HERE.
GM: nail-biting, even.

Singeon meets his match
Singeon: Punch his face anyways
GM: okay.
GM: clumsy Judo parry. Success!
Singeon: His luck runs out (I invoke luck)
Jian: invokes luck
Singeon: ????
GM: What? He's Lucky.
Mrugnak: NPCs can have luck :D
Singeon: Damn!!!!
GM: There's a bit of confusion, but in the end, he blocks your blow.
Singeon: That was my best shot!