Overall Statistics Edit

Hit ratios, critical hits and misses, total damage done, defense ratios, damage taken, and kill counts.

The Caverns of Madness Edit

For their first quest, the delvers decided to explore the Caverns of Madness. They survived, extensively looting the caverns and recovering a variety of powerful magic items.

The First Interlude Edit

After looting the Caverns, the delvers return to Polisberg and sold their loot. Most of the original group disappeared or moved on to new tasks, and new delvers were recruited in their place.

The Tomb of the Bloody Baron Edit

The delvers set out to find the long-lost Tomb of the Bloody Baron. In the process, they met a lot of unpleasant things.

The Fens of Despair Edit

The delvers set out to rescue a captive of the lizard men, reclaim corrupted druidic shrines, punish bandits for stealing silk, and perhaps recover some mithril armor and other treasures.

Statistics Edit

A record of how successful the delvers were: successful attacks, average damage, successful defenses, number of enemy attacks that connected, damage taken, enemies killed, and the like. This record is for all sessions of every delve. Individual sessions and delves have their own records.

Some Random Game Screenshots Edit

Warning! Lots of large graphics.