Saga of Westmarch Wiki

Narrator: Help Me! has been contacted by a potential client named Scott Peck. He runs a spiritual meditation center in Colorado.

Narrator: He believes there is some kind of angry spirit infesting his center, disrupting the karma of the area and interfering with the peaceful energy of the place. He'd like Help Me! to come out to the site, investigate the issue, and preferably resolve it.

Narrator: He's offered a what0K retainer to bring the team out, and has more money available to pay fees, expenses, and salary for the actual work.

Narrator: The team has flown out to Denver and driven out to the Gaihiiwo Sacred Hill where they met Mr. Peck.

Johnny: ((Has anyone tried to invite me to ooc...I havent seen anything yet...))

Clay: (( retainer amount didn't come through, not that it really matters ))

Amilastet: (( "What 0k?" ))

Narrator: Mr. Peck is a tall, thin man, anglo features, with dark black hair and wary eyes. He's wearing blue jeans, a cowboy fringe shirt, and a multi-colored robe with navajo markings.

Amilastet: (( *wave* ))

GM: Retainer was $10,000.

Amilastet: (( sent you another invite Johnny ))

Johnny: ((weird not getting anything...lemme restart google chat))

Johnny: ((try again?))

Narrator: He meets you at the end of a dirt road, on a rough parking lot. A dirt path leads up the side of wooded hill. A rough sign reads "Gaihiiwo Sacred Hill" over the path, and the way is decorated by various kitchy dreamcatchers, hanging crystals, wind chimes, and similar New-Agey stuff.

David: Do we think any of the stuff hanging up is effective, or is it tourist crap?

Narrator: After a quick round of introductions, Mr. Peck offers to bring you up the spiritual center.

GM: Uhm, everyone can roll Perception -4, Occultism -2, or Thaumatology to answer that.

Clay: breaks out the EWD

Clay: Occultism result: succeeded by 5

David: Thaumatology result: succeeded by 2

Johnny: Occultism 13 - result: «failed by 1 »

Amilastet: Thaumatology! result: «succeeded by 5 »

Nicholas: Thaumatology: result: «succeeded by 7 »

Mr. Peck: "This center is devoted to peace and safety. I suspect that you need some kind of tools to settle the unhappy spirit, but I won't let you disturb the karma any more by bringing weapons onto the sacred hill."

David: "That is completely fair, Mr. Peck."

Clay: goes over to the van and puts his pistol in his lockbox

David: You roll Holdout for us, so we don't know answer, or do we do so ourselves?

GM whispers to Amilastet: It's cheap new-agey stuff, probably from the discount sale of a catalog. It can't possibly be worth anything, magically speaking, but he may not know that."

Clay: "Fine with me"

GM: Hang a second, answering the last question.

GM whispers to Nicholas: It's cheap new-agey stuff, probably from the discount sale of a catalog. It can't possibly be worth anything, magically speaking, but he may not know that."

EJ: "What do you want us to do, use harsh words?"

GM whispers to David: It's cheap new-agey stuff, probably from the discount sale of a catalog. It can't possibly be worth anything, magically speaking, but he may not know that."

GM whispers to Clay: It's cheap new-agey stuff, probably from the discount sale of a catalog. It can't possibly be worth anything, magically speaking, but he may not know that."

Mr. Peck: "I would expect you to soothe the spirit's concerns and let its tortured existence to rest. That's what I'm paying you for, isn't it?"

Nicholas: "Sometimes all it takes are words, EJ."

Nicholas: ((*fixes impersonation*))

Johnny: "And if you are wrong about it being just a spirit, you are putting us at extreme rist."

Johnny: risk*

GM: Okay, if you're trying to conceal anything from Mr. Peck, you need to make a Holdout roll for the largest item (including whatever hold-out bonuses you have and at a penalty for size) and an additional -4 penalty for reasons I'm not going to explain.

Clay: "We need to verify it is a restless spirit, some other things like to pretend to be merely spirits."

Mr. Peck: "I will not have this sacred space defiled by tools of murder and violence!"

Nicholas: I'm perfectly happy to pull off my shoulder holster and put it in the van's weapon locker.

Amilastet: Throwing axe is in a toolbelt holster, pretending to be a tool.

Nicholas: Also: Just how sacred a space is this? Can I come up with a Sense Magic ritual? Hidden Lore (sacred places)?

David: Holdout result: succeeded by 2

Amilastet: I'm not sure if that counts as "holdout"

Johnny: So holdout on my katana handle is -2? result: «failed by 2 » - Leaving the gun behind...

David: I also remove a pair of Sigs from shoulder holsters and put them in the van.

Amilastet: The Baghn Nagh are going politely in the van though.

David: Leaving the pair of Kahrs in ankle holsters on.

Johnny: I may be able to fast talk my katana handle...tho i doubt it

GM: David, I'm confused - was that hold-out roll with the applied penalties?

Johnny: ((Especially without fast talk lol))

David: -1 bulk, +1 concealed holster, -4 generic, +4 long coat.

GM: Could be tricky, Johnny.

Mr. Peck: "And take off those coats - I don't trust you not to smuggle weapons in under them!"

EJ: sighs, taking off his leather jacket... and his pistols.

Mr. Peck: "Mr. Kaplan - I see you have ankle holsters. Please put the guns in the van."

Nicholas: "You'll have to forgive my coworkers, Mr. Peck. They have some strange issues with trust."

David: rolls his eyes, and does as he is asked.

GM: Everyone can also make Psychology -2 rolls at this point.

Johnny: "Mr. Peck, I don't go anywhere without this." Holds out his katana. "I will not be going into potential danger without it!"

Nicholas: Psychology: result: «succeeded by 4 »

Mr. Peck: "If you weren't the only people recommended to handle this correctly, I'd send you on your way."

David: also removes several knives, a taser from his computer bag, and some other things.

Amilastet: Psychology is IQ-6?

GM: Yes

EJ: ((i won't bother rolling))

Nicholas: ((I know how humans work!))

Johnny: "I will leave behind my fire arms, but the sword never leaves my side."

Mr. Peck: "That is a WEAPON! If you do not want to leave it behind, you can stay here!" He turns to Nicolas. "I thought you people were professionals!"

Clay: Psychology (Human) result: failed by 1

Nicholas: "It's funny, I thought we were too. Johnny, stay with the van."

EJ: "Do you tell the termite guy to leave his poison in the van?"

Amilastet: Holdout default: result: «failed by 7 »

GM whispers to Nicholas: This guy is a surprisingly sharp-eyed operator for a hippie.

Johnny: "I am a are obviuosly not educated in the dangers associate with what we do."

Nicholas says to the GMs: Yeah, I'm catching that. I asked about this being an actual sacred place - can I try a basic Sense Magic ritual on the fly, or is Hidden Lore (sacred places) a help?

Mr. Peck: "I - what? Uhm, no, err... organic pest control. In harmony with nature."

Nicholas: "How about you tell us what's really going on, Mr. Peck?"

GM whispers to Nicholas: Sense Magic on the fly - he might notice you casting, but otherwise sure.

Amilastet: "Bait and traps and hunting animals are part of organic pest control."

Mr. Peck: "Come this way, and I'll show you exactly."

Nicholas: "Hmm, a moment."

Amilastet: keeps a very straight face.

Mr. Peck: "Yes, exactly. Put the axe away - I'm worried that you'll cut down one of my sacred trees the way you're acting. You Europeans are so destructive and out of tune with nature!"

Nicholas: ((Americans: How many yards in a mile?))

Amilastet: blinks.

EJ: ((3))

GM: 1860

Nicholas: ((Thank you!))

Johnny: 1760 not 1860

EJ: ((okay don't ask ME the math questions))

Amilastet: double checks her hands havent randomly changed ethnicity while she wasn't looking.

Clay: "What? I was born in Texas!"

EJ: "European? I'm from Pennsylvania!"

David: "Russia is part of Asia, not Europe. But we continue on."

Nicholas: ((Give me a moment.))

David: ((Roger))

GM: Nick is working on a spell, which I know from experience, takes a while.

Nicholas: ((I'm getting Lesser Sense Magic (2), 1 mile radius (+18), and I can't think of anything else that applies unless you want to hit me for subject weight.))

EJ: ((can I get an observation roll on this guy? he strikes me as being odd?))

Amilastet: gently clears her throat. "African. And it's hardly a felling axe. It's only for opening up wall cavities if spiritual contact indicates the ghosts' focus was immured. Much like when routing out rats."

GM: Sure, Observation -2.

Amilastet: Fast Talk Default! result: «succeeded by 2 »

EJ: Observation result: failed by 2

Mr. Peck: Resist ! result: «failed by 2 »

Mr. Peck: "Oh? Uhm, well, if it's part of your ghost tools, I suppose that's okay then." He looks confused, shrugs, and leads most of you up the path.

Clay: tries to detect anything with the EWD, just in case Mr. Peck is a ghost or a Psi

Amilastet: sniffs.

Nicholas: ((Actually, it looks like I need Greater for this.))

GM: Nothing on the EWD.

Nicholas: ((So Greater Sense Magic, 18+2 = 60 energy.))

GM: Also, Nick, it's an information spell, so the range penalties are long distance, not range/speed.

GM: Also, Nick, it's an information spell, so the range penalties are long distance, not range/speed.

Nicholas: ((Oh hey.))

Amilastet: Query: this guy look vaguely native american at all?

Nicholas: ((Where's that table? >.))

GM: The path goes back and forth up the side of a hill, surrounded by intermitent groves of low pine trees and swaths of tall grass.

GM: In the Magic section of basic somewhere?

Amilastet: Yas, one second

GM: Amilastet: Well, he's got black hair? and blue eyes?

Nicholas: ((B241. It has a dash, Long-distance modifiers. >.))

Amilastet: Does he have skin?

Nicholas: ((Okay, Greater Sense Magic, 2, plus Long Distance (1 mile), 2 more, tripled for greater.

GM: Yes, he has generally anglo features as mentioned upthread.

Nicholas: ((I pay it out of personal energy reserve.))

Amilastet: Facial features?

Kuroshima is disconnected.

Nicholas: ((Greater effect because that's what you need to affect/detect magic permanently tied to a place or object or magical ability in people.))

GM: Vaguely English or Scottish facial features - slightly rounded chin, soft nose.

Amilastet: Right. *mentally cracks knuckles*

Nicholas: Path of Magic: result: «succeeded by 3 » and one second of concentration.

Nicholas: Luck! I like high MoS because it finds better-hidden stuff.

Nicholas: Path of Magic: result: «succeeded by 7 » and one second of concentration.

Nicholas: Path of Magic: result: «succeeded by 10 » and one second of concentration.

Nicholas: I like success by 10.

GM whispers to Nicholas: You don't detect any magic except what you guys brought.

Nicholas says to the GMs: So if this is a sacred site, it's not a magical one, and there's no magic being worked here.

Nicholas says to the GMs: Good to know.

Nicholas: hangs back a little, drawing David to the rear as well.

Narrator: The path leads for about 150 yards back and forth, rising maybe 60 feet - reasonably steep. The hilltop itself is decorated by a fountain, some arranged rocks, and a couple of statues that look like they came from a second-hand store.

Clay: uses LUCK at 2011-07-12 17:49:49 CST.

Clay: (( oops ))

Nicholas: whispers to David, "If this is a sacred site, it's not a magical one. There's no magic being worked here, and Peck himself isn't a magic-user."

EJ: ((it cool if i use observation on those statues?))

Amilastet: cheerfully takes front and uses her Occult training to try to keep up a conversation with him about New Age nonsense.

Narrator: The view from the hilltop is pretty - wooded hillsides in all directions, though the hilltop itself is mostly clear. There's a large expanse of of tall grass to the northwest, heading into a valley.

GM: He's pretty quiet about it - he seems to be completely out of his depth about anything beyond hippy-dippy New Age blather 101, with all the depth of a poorly researched Wikipedia article as recounted by a poor student.

GM: EJ - Sure!

EJ: listens in, following behind her, and manages to understand some of the New Age stuff.

EJ: Observation result: succeeded by 8

Clay: looks for blips on the EWD

GM whispers to EJ: They're cheap statues, poorly sighted, but they are large pieces of stone so they have some value as tactical cover.

Clay: no building? just like a garden area?

GM: Yep.

Nicholas: "So you say you've been dealing with a ghost, Mr. Peck?"

Johnny: No rocks making a circle or a mini-henge or anything?

GM: You're not there, Johnny, but yes there are some rocks for a mini-Stonehenge around the pool.

Johnny: ((oops forgot about not being there))

Mr. Peck: He walks along the summit, heading over toward the pool and the stones, taking in the view. "I created the Gwailloh Sacred Space because the world needs more peace. There is too much violence in the world! People murder, people kill! They destroy the aspirations and hopes of their innocent victims!" As he gets into his rant, he starts waving his arms around. "No matter what people try to accomplish--"

Narrator: A brief series of anguished screams roll out from a hilltop to the northwest, about the location that EJ or David would put a sniper's nest. There's few spurts of red in the trees there, about 200 yards away.

David: takes cover.

Mr. Peck: "--what was that?" He turns to the northwest. "What just happened?" He starts grabbing at his cellphone. "Excuse me, I need to make a call."

Amilastet: starts violently and looks around. No "Bang" sound I assume?

David: tackles Mr. Peck.

Amilastet: If there's no "Bang", i'm going to go running to the site of the whatever!

Clay: teleports towards the danger, because it makes sense to him

GM: Also, everyone call roll Hidden Lore (Cryptids +1), Veterinary -3, or Biology -1 before they do anything else.

Amilastet: "Keep him behind cover!"

EJ: ((I'm listening on this guy's phone call... discretely))

Amilastet: Not my specialty at all!

Clay: Biology/TL8 (Earthlike) result: succeeded by 4

David: Negatory.

EJ: ((any defaults?))

Amilastet: Biology is IQ -6

GM: Look them up for Biology and Vet.

Amilastet: Vet is Animal Handling -6, Physician -5, surgery -5

Amilastet: IQ-6 -1 for mee then! Biology Default: result: «failed by 6 »

Amilastet: No clue!

EJ: cryptids ~= demonology?

GM whispers to Clay: Some of those sounds sounded like Shunka Warakin killing cries. Shunka Warakin are an American hyena-wolf cryptid pack hunter. They're pretty nasty.

David: No

Amilastet: No, it's like "Chupacabras"

Amilastet: "Yetis"

GM: Yes! Roll it, EJ.

Amilastet: Well, true, you think everything's a demon

EJ: Hidden Lore (Demons) result: succeeded by 3

Clay: doesn't run towards the danger

GM whispers to EJ: Clearly, insubstantial demons masquerading as ghosts, probably some kind of banshee thing. Killing them with a ghost killing beam gun should work very well.

Clay: over the comm and outloud "Sounds like a Shunka Warakin, kind of a wolf-thing, watch it."

Nicholas: Biology (Default) -1: result: «succeeded by 3 »

Clay: so, do I know any more about them? weaknesses etc?

GM whispers to Nicholas: Some of those sounds sounded like Shunka Warakin killing cries. Shunka Warakin are an American hyena-wolf cryptid pack hunter. They're pretty nasty.

EJ: "A demon of some sort. Not a ghost, Mr. Peck. The ghost blaster should do the trick, all the same."

EJ: heads back toward the van to get the blaster.

GM: They're hyena-wolf dogs. Bullets kill them. They're pretty fast though.

Amilastet: totally runs towards the danger. That's her job

Narrator: As the screams die down, brownish wolf like shapes dart down the northwest hillside and plow through the high grass, closing very rapidly.

Nicholas: "Not a demon. Think 'dire hyena' and you won't be too far off."

Clay: ok, I will teleport after them if they're not OMG impossible to kill

EJ: "Then it's a job for regular firepower!"

EJ: ((are those things between me and the van?))

GM: The Shunkas are 200 yards away and closing at about 60 miles per hour. They're in tall grass for the first 150 yards until they break clear at the base of the hill you're on. (They're coming from the northeast, your van is to the southwest). You have 6 seconds to do cool stuff - and there seem to be 10+ of them.

Amilastet: North West

Amilastet: Unless they're not coming from the hill with the screaming and the blood

GM: Also! Important, everyone can take this opportunity to make Fear checks at -2 for unexpectedly encountering a large group of monsters of a type you didn't really even think were here. (but you're not surprised)

Nicholas: ((These are affected by 'Path of Body', correct?))

EJ: ((EJ doesn't know the meaning of fear))

Clay: Fear check result: CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 11

Johnny: If i heard any of the noises I will start running up the path...for all the good it will do.

EJ: ((Or a lot of other words))

GM: Nick: yes. Amilastest: GM dyslexia strikes again! the hill was to the northeast, as shown on the lovely map.

Nicholas: Fear -2: result: «succeeded by 9 »

David: Fear check result: failed by 1

GM: THat's funny, I don't see Unfazeable on his character sheet.

David: Luck.

David: Fear check result: succeeded by 8

David: Fear check result: succeeded by 6

Amilastet: Fear Check: result: «succeeded by 5 »

EJ: ((???))

GM: EJ knows the meaning of Fear, I mean =)

Amilastet: Er that's success by 3 for the -2

Clay: hmm, don't think that should have been a crit, but worked anyhow

Amilastet: but sitll.

EJ: ((I guess i traded it for more luck... oops))

David: Success by 6 for me.

EJ: Fear check result: failed by 2

Amilastet: Clay: Great place to use the third parameter to cap your skill at 14

Nicholas: ((The van's on the map.))

EJ: using luck

Clay: actually it is, I do have a fright check of 18 and rule of 15 (bravery) as a perk

EJ: Fear check result: succeeded by 3

EJ: Fear check result: succeeded by 0

GM: Johnny, you move 10 seconds of running (but not sprinting) up the path.

EJ: i'll take success by 3

Clay: guess I should put in the cap, but it's not really a cap

David: So can I do 10 seconds running down the path?

Nicholas: No, Johnny can.

David: Or better, straight down the hillside?

Nicholas: Since he's starting at the van from the time the noises come in.

David: Yes, but I want to run away from the things I can't defend myself from.

Johnny: 10 secs of moving done

Nicholas: Then like the rest of us you probably have 6 seconds of stuff to do.

GM: Okay, map features: light green is open ground, sparse high grass and thick low grass, no big deal. Medium green is thick high grass, -4 cover for anything 4' tall or shorter. Dark green is thick pine, -6 cover for everything and triple movement cost.

Amilastet: All-Out Ready - and moving to draw my hatchet and running towards the beasties

EJ: ((the van isn't on the map... again, how far away is it?))

Amilastet: It's on the map.

Amilastet: South west

Amilastet: Zoom out

Clay: they're less than 4' tall I take it?

GM: Further features: black, dark grey, light grey, and white lines are 5 yard countour intervals.

Nicholas: ((IT is approximately 155 yards if you follow the path.))

Amilastet: Follow the path to find it

GM: Yes, the shanka are wolvish and not super large, just super fast.

Nicholas: ((It's about 80 yards in a straight line from where Nick stands, but a lot of that is trees.))

Amilastet: OK, if they're that fast I don't want to get too separated from everyone else. Is anyone else going? Or teleporting?

Clay: how far to the van?

EJ: it will take me >30 seconds to get to the van and back with my shotgun

David: Six seconds of movement.

GM: The various statues, rocks, etc on the hilltop are about 4' tall and can act as cover. The pool is flush with the ground though.

GM: So, confirming actions so far: David is running for the van. Johnny is running for the hilltop. Amilastet is advancing toward the enemy.

GM: What are EJ, Clay, and Nick doing? And did I get anything wrong?

EJ: i'm running for the van...

Nicholas: "Clay! Can you get back to the van fast and bring me my gun?"

Clay: "I'll get guns, find cover"

David: Yup. No movement bonus for running downhill? No DX/Running checks to make sure I don't go ass over teakettle?

GM: If you cross a counter line going up, it's an extra 2 MP. If you cross it going down, it's a DX check at a penalty equal to your movement on the Range/Speed chart or fall over.

Clay: I teleport into the van and grab some guns

EJ: do i have to run on the path or can i cut through?

Nicholas says to the GMs: I have no charms on my character sheet. Can we assume that I am carrying one of each of the rituals I have outlined on the wiki?

Amilastet: Correct - not going too far ahead if nobody else is

GM: You can cut straight through, but you don't have to roll DX if you run downhill on the pathh.

GM whispers to Nicholas: Sure!

Nicholas says to the GMs: I should have prepped that ahead of time, I'm sorry.

Clay: "Call what you want"

EJ: i'll cut through...

Clay: autoteleport at -2 for range, no other mods, yes?

David: Dexterity check result: failed by 5

GM: Clay: roll to teleport to the van, using however many concentrate actions you want. it's one Ready action per gun you grab.

EJ: Dexterity check result: succeeded by 0

David: Flop on the first one then.

Nicholas: pulls out a small, cheap clay pendant and cracks it; the air around him shimmers briefly. "Mr. Peck, you might want to run back to the van."

GM: Yeah, I'm assuming you know exactly where the van is.

Clay: Autoteleport result: succeeded by 7

EJ: Dexterity check result: failed by 3

Mr. Peck: "Wha? what is happening?" Peck does not seem very coherent at this point.

EJ: i fell... now what?

GM: It normally takes 2 rounds to get up, then you can keep running.

David: Dexterity check result: failed by 2

Clay: grab EJ's shotgun

Clay: "Got EJ's shotty, next?

Nicholas: ((Blade Ward ritual, on myself. DR 120, Ablative, Physical Only.))

David: I am here with falling.

EJ: ((i keep my ammo on me right?))

GM: Sure, Peck didn't check for ammo.

Nicholas: "My pistol, if you please, Clay. And hurry."

EJ: this is as far as i got after i fell

Clay: grab nick's pistol, teleport back

EJ: ((penalty to DX being equal to move is ROUGH))

Clay: um, I take it noone decided to stay there?

GM: Okay, is that your 6 seconds of actions?

EJ: ((unarmed???))

David: For me, yes.

Amilastet: I'm here.

Nicholas: ((Not 'equal to move'. Equal to 'speed/range penalty on your move distance'.))

EJ: yeah i'm done

Clay: no, I have 3 left

GM: No, it's your penalty on the speed/range charge, so 0 for move 2, -1 for move 3, etc.

Amilastet: So's Nick and the Client

Clay: where are people after 3?

Clay: sec, door

EJ: oh... then i shouldn't have fallen

GM: okay, then keep moving.

Amilastet: OK, seeing as apparently Mr. Peck decided to take point, I'll specifically advance to stand over him.

Amilastet: Goober.

EJ: Dexterity check result: succeeded by 4

Nicholas: I pull out a clip full of Explosive bullets.

GM: Peck is, well, basically surprised because he doesn't have Combat Reflexes and also totally freaked out because see above.

Nicholas: Because nothing says loving like fire. Lots of fire.

Nicholas: And now I just need my pistol.

EJ: okay... still not too close but i'm near johnny at least

GM: It's 1 second for Clay to pass a gun to Nick or EJ if he's next to them.

Clay: so I teleport to the van and back, hand Nick his gun, and see EJ where?

GM: Running down the hill.

EJ: just a bit up the hill from johnny

Nicholas: So, 1 second to pull out the charm, 1 second to break it, 1 second to pull out the magazine, 1 second to take my gun.

Nicholas: Eject the mag, load, and I think that's probably it.

Amilastet: So, Draw-and-move, move, and i'm Waiting for the first beastie to get in range. Then it's getting an axe in the head.

Amilastet: Axe held in two hands because I"m just better that way.

GM: okay, we're ready to go.


Clay: sec4: teleport near EJ, tell him his gun is near, drop it, sec 5 back to the van and grab my rifle unless david calls for a gun or I know what he wants and it's out

Amilastet: (Axe in the something anywyas. Possibly a case of the Execution in the Wolfoid)

David: Feel free to grab any of my pistols.

Clay: Autoteleport result: succeeded by 10

David: I don't have any rifle ammo on me.

GM: Okay, EJ can have turned around and grabbed his shotgun on second 6.

GM: Johny, your action?

Clay: ok, sec 6 is grab my rifle and teleport to near david

Clay: Autoteleport result: succeeded by 9

EJ: ((just so i know... how long will it take me to ready my shotgun? i'm assuming that with off-screen reload i have it already loaded))

GM: Clay - shouldn't you have a -5 penalty for teleporting with 1 round of concentration?

EJ: ((and i don't have it marked, but the default shells should be the silent shot))

GM: EJ: you have the gun ready.

GM: Johnny, again, your action?

Johnny: move sorry missed combat start

Clay: I'm taking a concentrate with my CM, so it's normal skill

Johnny: ###

GM: Clay: I'm reading page 98, prep time of 1 second is a -5 penalty.

Amilastet: (( COmpartmentalized mind - that's two concentrates on one second ))

Clay: I have +10 skill built in to cover that and the -5 from Blind only

GM: No, he's taking other actions every second, and 2 concentrates would still be a -4 penalty.

Clay: that's what Reliable +10 is

GM: Take it up on the OOC window.


EJ: gives his weapon a quick lookover, pumps it one handed, and heads back up the hill.

GM: okay.


EJ: ((what's the penalty again for moving over these lines in the other direction?

GM: +2 MP.

EJ: ((i don't have a loadout for the shotgun but not the pistols, so i'm just subtracting their weight and going with light encumberance - i'll remedy that though))

David: I run more!

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Wolf Hyena 1!

Shunka Warakin: The lead two Shunka charge up the hill. 6 more follow them, at least a second away, and the rest of the pack is moving behind.

Amilastet: Staying out of Reach I see.

EJ: looks over at David and points to the foilage nearby, raising his eyebrow questioningly.

GM: Yes, they're wolvish, they like flanks if they can get them.

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Amilastet!

Amilastet: Can I stand in Peck's hex?

Amilastet: He's not flailing is he?

Nicholas: (Conk him out if he is.)

Amilastet: (And I think he's prone)

GM: You'll be in close combat with him. Which may effect your axing ability.

EJ: ((he won't be flailing long))

Amilastet: OK, I'll stay here, and Wait for a wolfoid to come in range before Executioning it.


Clay: hand gun to David

David: I think we can assume I snagged them off you on my turn.

Clay: teleport bahind wolf things

GM: You both need to take Ready actions to transfer stuff.

Johnny: ((oops i just realized i moved at 5 when i should be going at 7...gonna move myself 22 more hexes if thats ok))

GM: Sure, Johnny.

David: I can't snatch things out of his hands?

GM: The wolves are streaming across the stream. How far are you teleporting from your current position?

Clay: so, do I need to ready or not?

GM: Uh, sure, whatever.

GM: Clay, no ready required. We'll assume you're doing all-out stuff or whatever.

Clay: 90 yards, just past the elevation line, and crouch before I go, -2 on body sense for spinning to face them

GM says to the GMs: 8 You say to the GMs: 8

Clay: um, why are they moving back?

GM: Because they're streaming across the field, and I had them clumped together for my convenience, but if you're going to jump amid them then I need to string them out properly.

Clay: ok, then I aim for the grass to one side since I can't get behind them all

GM: Sure.

Clay: Autoteleport result: CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 13

Clay: Body Sense result: succeeded by 2

Clay: note, range is changed

Clay: yah, there is good

Clay: done

GM: Okay.

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Nicholas!

Nicholas: Wolfoid 3 is 25 yards away!

Nicholas: -7 range, aiming for a hex +4, any other mods?

GM: And has Move 30, which matters for speed/range.

Nicholas: Or would, if I were shooting at him.

GM: You're shooting at the hex under/at/near his feet, which is moving at speed 30.

Nicholas: So skill 14, -14.

Amilastet: The target hex changes 30 times a second

GM: I don't think the range/speed chart works that way?

Nicholas: -7 for 25 yards. -7 more for move 30.

Nicholas: +4 for the hex!

Nicholas: But forgive me if I don't want to roll at skill 4.

GM: No, you add speed to range, then look it up. So the effective range is 55, for a -9. See B550.

Nicholas: Ah. Hm. I'll take 9-.

Nicholas: Putting one into the dirt at wolfoid 3's feet.

Nicholas: Guns (Pistol): result: «failed by 3 »

Nicholas: I like Luck?

Nicholas: I like luck!

GM: Do you want to reroll then?

Nicholas: Guns (Pistol): result: «failed by 1 »

Nicholas: Guns (Pistol): result: «failed by 3 »

Nicholas: Scatters 1 yard in a random direction, I will take.

GM: What's the damage?

Nicholas: 6d+15 bu ex.

Nicholas: Or 42

Nicholas: I'm hoping for 'Northeast'.

GM: Scatters 1 hexes clockwise from N

GM: Lucky!

Nicholas: That's where I was aiming anyway. Honest.

GM: So the Shunka takes 39 damage and disintegrates.

Nicholas: Nothing else is close enough to take any damage.

GM: Shunkas 5 and 6 are 4 yards away, and take 12 and 9 respectively

Nicholas: ...I thought it was 42 /3 /3 /3.

GM: No, it's like 42 / 3 / 4

Nicholas: I am confused but pleased!

Nicholas: Also, lots of fire and loud noise.

GM: Yeah, p414, divide by 3 x distance, not 3 ^ distance.


Amilastet: *coughs*

GM: Heh.

Nicholas: That gives me 3 damage at 4 yards, which is what I expected.

GM: Shunkas 11, 16, and 9 take about 5 each

Nicholas: "Well. That was more effective than I expected."

GM: Amistalet takes 2 damage, as does Peck 3, and shunkas 2 and 4 take 5 and 2 each

Amilastet: Vs large area damage DR 2

Amilastet: How tidy

Amilastet: "Watch it with that thing!"

Mr. Peck: "Auggh!"

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Scott Peck!

Mr. Peck: "Oh gods! No!" Cowers, panicks.


Johnny: Whee! Move and done!


EJ: still moving


David: Run the other way!

David: Done.

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Wolf Hyena 1!

Shunka Warakin: Realizes that Nick is the problem? result: «failed by 8 »

Shunka Warakin: Stupid wolf-hyena-things.

Shunka Warakin: Shunka 2 skews and executes it Signature Attack: an all-out flying tackle and double attack bite/grapple the neck, and also uses it's Canine Fighting Style to give a -1 penalty to Amilastet's defense! Flying tackle! result: «failed by 2 » DA-4/-2 and another -1 for the style

Shunka Warakin: and he jumps over her head...

Amilastet: I hold my Wait until its infront of me, and he attacks me from behind so there's no real defenses anyways

Nicholas: And rolls DX (at -1 for pain) or loses his footing?

Amilastet: And then I carve it's leg and head off as it flies over me.

Nicholas: Or loses its footing because it, well, looses its footing.

Clay: (( I think that's still a runaround ))

Shunka Warakin: Shunka 4 goes for Peck's back, crossing in front of Amilastet as it tries the same.

GM: It lands prone because flying tackle makes you prone.

Amilastet: Oops, throwing axe is U. ca I keep my wait until the second one approaches?

GM: Which one does Amilastet see first? 2 or less it sees #4 first: 3

GM: Uhm. No, Amilastet sees one coming over her head first.

Amilastet: OK. Spoiling the wait then. I"m not required to act on it, but I lose my chance to attack.

Amilastet: Wait.

Amilastet: Can't armed interdiction #4 anyways, he's not going beside me.

Amilastet: Fsk it, #2 gets axed a few harsh questions.

GM: Actually, you can armed interdict #4

GM: He moved from your front hex to your flank.

Amilastet: Oh hey! Parry-2 result: «failed by 2 »

Amilastet: I'm Destined to get this right!

Amilastet: Parry-2 result: «succeeded by 0 »

GM: I believe it!

Shunka Warakin: Other Shunka advance

Amilastet: • First is a Targeted Attack Axe Swing to the Leg at 14 (18 +4 -8/-4 DA) for a -4 to defenses. result: «succeeded by 7 »
• Second is a Targeted Attack Axe Swing to the Neck at 15 (17 +4 -6/-3 DA) for a -3 to defenses. If the Defender is on the ground from having a crippled leg or knockback, they are at a further -3 to defenses for posture. result: «succeeded by 5 »

Shunka Warakin: Hey, I just all-out attacked!

Amilastet: To the leg! 17 cut and to the neck 16 cut!

Shunka Warakin: Crippled! murderized! Falls apart, leg gone, head off!

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Amilastet!

Amilastet: So.

Amilastet: Wait and Slice and Execute I think.

GM: Do you need to reready that big axe?

Amilastet: No, because I'm using mY Throwing axe.

GM: Oh, right!

Amilastet: Big axe is in the car, and I don't need to reready that either. I'm that big.

Amilastet: Well. Tiny.

GM: okay.


Clay: aim at WH14

GM: Okay. Don't forget you're firing uphill.

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Nicholas!

Nicholas: Move and Ready, pulling out my Fortune's Favor charm left-handed. DX: result: «failed by 1 »

Nicholas: I do not ready the charm.

Nicholas: ###

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Scott Peck!

Nicholas: (I also can't retreat and have -2 to other defenses.)

Mr. Peck: Try to recover his wits result: «failed by 1 »


Johnny: Move and done again!


EJ: still moving


David: Run uphill some, -2 for crossing line!

David: Done

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Wolf Hyena 1!

Shunka Warakin: #11 runs up the hill, turning, and does his signature move against Nick result: «succeeded by 3 » DA-4/-3

Nicholas: Halfhearted Judo Parry. result: «failed by 4 »

Nicholas: I take it on the forcefield

Nicholas: (Failed by 6, actually!)

Shunka Warakin: Does 7 damage to Nick; takes 5 damage from him.

GM: Nick needs to roll DX or fall down.

Nicholas: DX: result: «succeeded by 0 »

Shunka Warakin: #11 bites Nick's neck, too result: «succeeded by 2 » still with the -1 for the defense.

Nicholas: Dodge at -3! result: «failed by 4 »

Nicholas: I again take it on the forcefield.

Shunka Warakin: Bites for 3 cutting damage, and grapples.

Shunka Warakin: #9 tries the same trick on Amilastet result: «CRITICALLY FAILED by 2 » DA -4/-3
Table CriticalMissUnarmed (Shunka Warakin): Drop guard. -2 defences and double Evaluate and Feint Penalties.

Amilastet: carves it up.

Amilastet: • First is a Targeted Attack Axe Swing to the Leg at 14 (18 +4 -8/-4 DA) for a -4 to defenses. result: «succeeded by 1 »
• Second is a Targeted Attack Axe Swing to the Neck at 15 (17 +4 -6/-3 DA) for a -3 to defenses. If the Defender is on the ground from having a crippled leg or knockback, they are at a further -3 to defenses for posture. result: «succeeded by 2 »

Shunka Warakin: No defenses from all-out attack. damages?

Amilastet: To the leg! 15 cut and to the neck 13 cut!

Amilastet: can't do squat about this one.

Nicholas: I don't even bother defending, it won't work.

Shunka Warakin: #16 moves up to Nick and bites his leg result: «failed by 1 »

Nicholas: Just pile on and roll the bite damage.

Shunka Warakin: hits his pal instead? result: «failed by 2 »

Amilastet: Or that.

Amilastet: That's good too.

Nicholas: I've got 120 DR for them to get through; hopefully someone will arrive before then and help.

Amilastet: I'm trying to stop more of them from arrving on the pile but I may have to start splitting up

Amilastet: gets wolfed

Shunka Warakin: #8 goes for Amilastet also result: «succeeded by 6 » DA-6/-4

Nicholas: "I could use a hand here, gentlemen."

Amilastet: Brawling parry? No, I don't have hands free.

Shunka Warakin: Wounded shunka move up.

Amilastet: I don't want to dodge here, that would probably be bad.

Amilastet: eats wolf. I've got Close Quarters combat training with the axe anyways.

Amilastet: AND this axe isn't a 2 yard axe so my skill is 18 not 15

Shunka Warakin: okay, does 1.95 d of damage.

Shunka Warakin: 9 to her, and takes 11 damage

Shunka Warakin: thump!

Nicholas: Ama is solid.

Amilastet: Unexpectedly dense

Amilastet: that's crushing?

Shunka Warakin: Bites the neck! result: «failed by 3 »

Shunka Warakin: Yes, crushing damage from a slam.

Amilastet: Just making sure there weren't any spikes we missed

Amilastet: takes 5 damages.

Shunka Warakin: A flood of brown shapes charges up the hill, surrounding Amilastet and Nicolas.

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Amilastet!

Amilastet: starts making Defensive Attacks.

Amilastet: Starting with the one on her face.

GM: Okay.

Amilastet: OK, so 18 skill for Close Combat, -2 damage. result: «succeeded by 8 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 »

Shunka Warakin: Hey, did I all-out attack? Yes I did.

Amilastet: 12

Amilastet: Cut

Shunka Warakin: well, I take 16 damage. I think I will lie down and take up space now.

Amilastet: Good use!

Amilastet: I'll need that footing perk for a pile of bodies I think.

Amilastet: And now I can Armed Interdict


Amilastet: Or axe slamming wolves in the head

Clay: shoot WF14, -9 total for speed/range?

GM: Right.

Clay: Guns/TL8 (Rifle) result: succeeded by 2

Shunka Warakin: Guns are complicated, didn't realize they exist, get shot from behind, doh.

Clay: two hits, picking one normal round, one holy-hollowpoint

GM: How many shots did you fire?

Clay: one two round burst

GM: okay! please be clear in the future. thanks.

Clay: ok

Shunka Warakin: uhm, damage?

Clay: 20 pi+ normal 28 pi+ holy HP

Shunka Warakin: second one should be pi++ (0.5), right? so, uhm, 28.5 and 52 is ... dead shunka warakin

Clay: teleport behind WF 19, 10 yards; yes, forgot he HP mods

Narrator: Clay fires at a shunka warakin behind, and it explodes in a spray of blood.

Nicholas: "That's a good start!"

Nicholas: Which reminds me.

GM: Roll it Clay.

Nicholas: How many people lack Tactics or Soldier?

David: Me

Amilastet: waves hand.

Amilastet: which is weird

Clay: Autoteleport result: succeeded by 7

Amilastet: (( I should work on that. ))

Johnny: I have both

David: ((Ditto))

Nicholas: Tactics: result: «failed by 3 »

Clay: Body Sense result: succeeded by 7

Nicholas: We clearly didn't plan for getting swarmed by wolfoids and their witchalock leader.

Clay: (( I have tactics ))

Shunka Warakin: Hear weirdness from behind result: «succeeded by 0 »

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Nicholas!

Johnny: ((Nobody plans for half the stuff we encounter I'm sure))

Nicholas: I am grappled, but it's by the neck.

Nicholas: What kind of DX rolls does 'neck' affect?

Amilastet: That's like "head" and "torso" I'm pretty sure, so -4 to everything

Nicholas: Right.

Amilastet: Since the neck connects the head and the torso it only makes sense

GM: Yep, and I think they also have your leg I think.

Nicholas: No, he missed the leg and almost hit his friend.

Amilastet: And I laughed at him a little.

Shunka Warakin: Right!

Nicholas: You know what doesn't require DX rolls?

Nicholas: All-Out Ready.

GM: Ready actions always require DX rolls when grappled, but they're not penalized at least.

Nicholas: Right, then.

Nicholas: AoR Fortune's Favor charm: result: «succeeded by 3 »

Nicholas: Use Fortune's Favor charm on Peck: result: «succeeded by 0 »

Nicholas: Mr. Peck now has Ridiculous Luck.

Nicholas: Er, Extraoirdinary.

GM: Weee!

Nicholas: Unless he already had Luck.

GM: No, no luck for him.

Nicholas: But hey.

Nicholas: One reroll every 30 min.

Amilastet: Possibly even Cursed, what with the exploding investigators.

Nicholas: I have no defenses.

Nicholas: ###

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Scott Peck!

Mr. Peck: Recover from stun! result: «CRITICALLY FAILED by 5 »

Amilastet: I thin he wants to Luck his way out of being stunned

Mr. Peck: hey, lucky!

Mr. Peck: Recover from stun! result: «failed by 1 »

Mr. Peck: Recover from stun! result: «succeeded by 2 »

Mr. Peck: weee!


Johnny: Moved and Fast draw sword and ready action to boost ST! Fastdraw result: «succeeded by 8 »

GM: okay.

Johnny: ST lasts 6*5 secs

Johnny: 30

Johnny: Done

Johnny: ###


EJ: uh... moving


David: Opens up on WH7 with both hands, dual attack, 3 rounds from each weapon. -5 range, +1 colliminating sights, -4 total.

David: Guns/TL8 (Pistol) result: failed by 3

David: Guns/TL8 (Pistol) result: succeeded by 0

Shunka Warakin: Dodges! result: «failed by 2 »

David: Should also check for impacts on WH5 and (maybe) WH15

David: 2 (0.5) pi++ for silent holy water rounds

David: 4 (0.5) pi++ for silent holy water rounds

David: sorry.

GM: Bunch of shots heading downrange result: «succeeded by 0 » and result: «failed by 4 »

David: Second is correct.

David: 0 (0.5) pi++ for silent holy water rounds

GM: Shunka 5 takes a bullet! #15 takes a bullet? result: «failed by 1 » and result: «failed by 5 »

GM: everyone else is definitely on the down slope.

David: Yup.

David: So that should be 8 and 2 to 7 and 5 respectively.

David: I believe.

Shunka Warakin: #15 Dodges? result: «failed by 2 »

David: ###

Shunka Warakin: Err, number 5. Takes 2 injury, collapses. 7 takes 12 injury, depends to get a new job someplace else.

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Wolf Hyena 1!

Shunka Warakin: #2 stands and turns. #7 runs into the grass. #10 charges David result: «succeeded by 6 » DA-6/-4 with signature and style attack

David: Retreating dodge!

Shunka Warakin: Hyena #6 steps and feints at Mila result: «succeeded by 1 »

David: Dodge(12) result: CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 8

Shunka Warakin:Table CriticalMissUnarmed (Shunka Warakin): Drop guard. -2 defences and double Evaluate and Feint Penalties.

GM: uhm... does EJ want to intercept the shunka that just jumped over David and could potentially run into EJ.

EJ: can i intercept with a shotgun blast?

GM: No.

Amilastet: Shotgun butt club?

Amilastet: I'm pretty sure you can do it with Gun!

EJ: yeah, can i?

GM: No, he can accept the slam or try to evade.

EJ: meh

EJ: evade it is

GM: Roll DX-2, pretty easy.

EJ: easy... except i can't click me

Amilastet: You can click on you in the initative

Amilastet: Works as well

EJ: Dexterity check result: succeeded by 3

Shunka Warakin: Various shunka move around Mila, evaluating and all-out dodging.

Amilastet: Do they move past me?

GM: They're taking step actions, not Move actions.

Amilastet: Daw

GM: And they're avoiding your axe.

Shunka Warakin: #13 starts gnawing on Peck.

Amilastet: Or SO THEY THINK.

Shunka Warakin: #17 runs past David and charges EJ from the flank result: «succeeded by 2 » DA-6/-3

EJ: crap

Shunka Warakin: #18 also charges David result: «succeeded by 0 » DA-6/-4

Shunka Warakin: oops, should be -4 on the defense for EJ.

EJ: i can dodge?

GM: Sure, at -6 for flank and speed.

EJ: Dodge(4) result: failed by 4

EJ: luck

David: Dodge(5) result: failed by 4

David: Luck

EJ: Dodge(4) result: CRITICALLY FAILED by 10

EJ: Dodge(4) result: CRITICALLY FAILED by 13

Shunka Warakin: #19 turns around in a broad circle, heading for Clay.

David: Dodge(5) result: failed by 4

EJ: i'll take fail by 4 thanks!

David: Dodge(5) result: failed by 5

David: 4 I guess.

Nicholas says to the GMs: I have the strangest feeling that the only PC survivor is going to be the guy who can teleport.

Shunka Warakin: okay, #17 does 9 crushing to EJ, takes 15 from him (ow!)

EJ: wait what?

EJ: 9 crushing = 15 damage huh?

Shunka Warakin: you got slammed? also, bites his neck result: «succeeded by 3 »

David: Hits you, you're bigger than he is.

Shunka Warakin: #18 does 12 to David, takes 10 from him

Shunka Warakin: David needs to roll DX or fall over. Damage is crushing

EJ: i should be wearing throat protection...

Shunka Warakin: Also, bites his neck! result: «succeeded by 6 »

David: Dexterity check result: succeeded by 3

GM: Well, you can defend.

EJ: .

EJ: ummm... my hp isn't updating

David: Takes 2 BFT

GM: David is wearing Kevlar. He should only have DR5 vs crushing.

David: Ah, 1 BFT + 7 crush?

GM: actual damage cancels out BFT.

David: Kay.

EJ: and i'm wearing a concealable vest... i'm not sure whether it's dr 12 or dr 5 vs crush

GM: Are either of you defending against the neck bites?

GM: Concealable vests are DR5 vs Crush.

EJ: can i dodge again?

David: Judo Parry!

EJ: i can't update my hp and i don't know why

GM: Yes, you can dodge again. David can't Judo parry with no free hands.

David: Good point!

David: Dodge!

EJ: Dodge(5) result: failed by 8

David: Dodge(9) result: failed by 4

David: Boooo


Shunka Warakin: David takes 3 cutting to the neck; EJ takes 7 to the neck, both are grappled.

EJ: my macros are FUBAR

Amilastet: low hP? low FP?

Amilastet: Both halve dodge

EJ: i don't know - my HP still shows 19

Shunka Warakin: The Shunka on Nick goes for a takedown result: «succeeded by 6 »

Shunka Warakin: Nick all-out did whatever he did, can't defend, goes prone with a shunka on him.

Nicholas: Ow!

Nicholas: Only not.

Shunka Warakin: The other shunka there telegraphed bites his face, going to a worry result: «succeeded by 1 »

Shunka Warakin: Damage is 5 cutting.

Nicholas: Only 112 DR left!

Nicholas: Wait, 7 more.

EJ: whatever, i'm down to 5 hp

Nicholas: From the slam.

Shunka Warakin: You only took 4 injury from the slam?

EJ: dr 5 vs crush right

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Amilastet!

Amilastet: yells in Egyptian "Release him, dog of Set!"

Amilastet: Any in CC with me?

Amilastet: I think only a dead one.

GM: None in CC>

Amilastet: Rapid Strike:
• Back Strike -2, -6 Rapid Strike, on the one worrying at Peck.
• -6 Rapid Strike, on the one on my right (#6) unless it's dead, then on #12 with an additional -2 for Flank

Amilastet: Is #6 dead?

GM: #6 is alive. The one on Peck is at another -2 to hit 'cause its in CC with Peck.

Amilastet: OK!

Amilastet: Rapid Strike:
• Back Strike -2, -6 Rapid Strike, -2 CC on the one worrying at Peck result: «succeeded by 0 ».
• -6 Rapid Strike, on the one on my right (#6) result: «succeeded by 4 »

Amilastet: Random hit location on the one behind me
Table HitLocation (Amilastet): Torso

Shunka Warakin: #13 dodges result: «succeeded by 4 »

Shunka Warakin: #6 dodges result: «succeeded by 0 »

Amilastet: Can I luck #13?

Nicholas: (No, you can't force other things to reroll their defenses.)

GM: No, you can't luck people's defense rolls.

Amilastet: Rihgt. I allways forget.

Amilastet: OK!

GM: Hits Peck with an axe? result: «failed by 7 »

Amilastet: #13 drops him for dodging?

GM: Pretty sure you can dodge in a grapple, just not retreat.


Clay: I take it 19 noticed me and turned, and is running right at me now?

GM: Yes, he's south of you.

GM: And he moved 20 last round.

Clay: turn, point gun at him and fire when he is 3 yards away from me, one 2 round burst, 2 normal rounds

GM: okay.

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Nicholas!

Nicholas: I'm prone. He's prone. I'm grappled; breaking free *is* penalized by the 'I am grappled' penalty, right?

Amilastet: No, it's ST

GM: Right.

Amilastet: +1 or 2 for Wrestling

Amilastet: if you have enough Wrestling

Nicholas: Break Free: from the neck grapple. result: «succeeded by 4 »

Nicholas: (Somehow I thought it was Judo to break free.)

Shunka Warakin: Keep on Nick result: «succeeded by 9 »

Amilastet: Judo may also give you a +1 or +2!

Nicholas: Not enough, in any case.

Nicholas: ###

Shunka Warakin: other Shunka tries to hang on, too result: «succeeded by 2 »

Shunka Warakin: but fails!

Shunka Warakin: well, the one biting his face is no longer biting his face. Hmm...

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Scott Peck!

Shunka Warakin: Resist Peck's attempt to break free! result: «succeeded by 4 »

Mr. Peck: Break free! result: «failed by 1 »

Mr. Peck: yeah. Screams in pain and horror!


Johnny: Step and attack WH17. -2 for being in CC?

GM: Yep.

Johnny: Broadsword to the neck Targeted attack at 14 - result: «succeeded by 3 »

Johnny: oh and forgot my imbue ....stealthy at -4

Shunka Warakin: Can't dodge, all-out attacked.

Johnny: result: «failed by 4 »

Johnny: Which fails

Johnny: oh derf

Johnny: heh

Amilastet: Luck?

Amilastet: You should have it I think all the templates do

GM: Please just roll damage.

Clay: the imbue just fails, oh noes

Johnny: Damage is 5d cutting - 18

Amilastet: Jeezuly crow you do have a light saber

Shunka Warakin: oh, yeah, bioaug +10. Yikes! Takes 25 damage, collapses.

Johnny: Yeah the imbue was pointless


EJ: okay, i take no penalty to shooting in CC due to gunslinger, and telegraph to counter the shock penalty, so far so good?

GM: You're going to shoot the dead shunka that Johnny just killed for you?

EJ: oh he's dead? nvm then

EJ: can i shoot the one on david, without killing david?

David: Go for 10

David: I can handle this one.

GM: With a shotgun? Yeah, I see difficulties.

EJ: or i can switch to slugs

GM: Just do something.

EJ: okay, shooting #10... again, telegraph to counter shock

GM: You can't, you're not in close combat with him.

EJ: ah, i see

EJ: i don't think it will matter...

EJ: at this range, rof is 2, damage is x4, target dr is x4

EJ: the penalty is -4 right?

EJ: for shock?

GM: Shock is -4, range/speed is 30 for another -7.

EJ: #10 is prone ain't he?

GM: Yep.

David: THats what the symbol means.

EJ: so... should there still be a speed penalty?

GM: He just jumped over your head, yes, that's a speed penalty.

Nicholas: It is 'how far he moved since your last turn', not 'how fast he is moving right now'.

EJ: mmm

EJ: this isn't the new die roller huh

EJ: the one with rof

GM: Since his last turn, that shunka moved about 30 yards.

EJ: i'm... not sure how to do rof the manual way

GM: We'll work it out.

EJ: shotgun skill is 21, recoil 1 for shot, -11 penalties 7

EJ: looks like i hit

GM: actually, it's a single bullet at this range, so only one shot hits.

David: He's less than 5 yards away, Rcl is 5.

Shunka Warakin: can't dodge, takes normally damage.

David: 5 or 4?

David: Anyway, high.

EJ: recoil is different up close?

David: WIthin 1/10 of 1/2Dam range for shotguns

EJ: 4 pi damage

David: Basically the shot hasn't had room to spread, so it's still effectively a slug.

EJ: i rolled that way wrong

Clay: (( you hit him with a lot of them tho, since they are a frangable slug ))

EJ: 15 pi damage

Shunka Warakin: Takes 22 injury, collapses.


David: Yeah, 4d+4 (0.25) pi++ for 12 ga 00 buck.

David: Press both pistols against WH18's skull, -4 for shock, -2 for bulk, +4 for contact, v. 13 for TA(Pistol/skull). 13 - 2 = 11 total. One round from each.

GM: Another -4 for being grappled.

David: Make that AoA(Determined)

GM: Fair enough.

David: Guns/TL8 (Pistol) result: succeeded by 5

David: Guns/TL8 (Pistol) result: succeeded by 4

Shunka Warakin: can't dodge, all-out attacked.

David: Hit with all 6

David: 9 (0.5) pi++ for silent holy water rounds

David: 9 (0.5) pi++ for silent holy water rounds

Shunka Warakin: hit with both you mean?

David: times three for both.

David: Er, yes.

Shunka Warakin: uhm, I have DR3 on the skull.

Shunka Warakin: so, uhm, I die? Thanks.

David: Wunderbar.