After the first quest to the Caverns of Madness, some of the delvers hung out at the Polisberg Inn and caused trouble.

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When the delvers reached Polisberg, Lenia headed into the high rent districts to attend the nice parties and sell the loot to her rich friends. Arganyev went off to meditate and Sithis disappeared on missions of her own. Beltarne went to the dwarf temple and then left on a mission of great urgency, not to return to Polisberg for quite some time. Thog and Singeon, though, went to the taproom at the Polisberg Inn.
Thog lost at a game of darts. Disgruntled, he and Singeon started drinking heavily. A man in a bulls' head mask came into the bar and started talking to them - he was actually a minotaur named Mrugnak. A group of local rowdies arrived and tried to throw out the delvers. Thog reacted violently by throwing the table and a general fist-fight developed. The delvers won handily.
A few days later, a strange party of very foreign foreigners approached the (still) drinking delvers. They were warriors from a far-off land who had heard of the delvers' prowess in the bar brawl, and wanted a friendly training fight. After a little haggling, both sides came to terms and the fight started. Thog was repeatedly introduced to the floor, while Singeon and Mrugnak held their own in a defensive match.
Hopefully, 100% of this unplanned adventure completed.