Here are some basic rules for social interaction. Most of this should be obvious, and I hope I'm not saying anything that people don't already know, but better safe than sorry:

  1. Be nice to the other players. If if your character is supposed to be an annoying prick, don't be an annoying prick to the other players. A limited amount of in-character stuff is fine, but try to remember that everyone is here to have fun. If your fun consists of ruining everyone else's fun, I will ask you to leave.
  2. Be prepared. Know what the rules are, know what your character can do. Feel free to ask for clarifications, but do it by whispering to the GM. If you're a new player, make an effort to learn the rules and take advice from the more experienced players.
  3. Keep out of character chatter to a minimum in the OpenRPG chat room. Open up a whisper channel or use the MapTools chat room if you want to talk and talk.
  4. Don't rules-lawyer. The GM welcomes players pointing out when he missed a rule or got it wrong, but please try to do that quickly and immediately. Do not revisit rules after several minutes have passed. Do NOT try to argue different interpretations of the same rule at different times depending on what is most favorable at the moment.
  5. You have to read the wiki. You don't have to read it all at once, and you don't have to contribute to it, but you do have to read it. If you make assumptions that are contradicted by the wiki because you didn't read it, I will not have any mercy for you.

Again, I'm sorry if this is all common sense to you. I don't know you, you don't know me; better safe than sorry.

Repeated violations of these guidelines will result in expulsion from the group. Do not expect a lot of leniency.