Improved Aim and Evaluate Edit

The Evaluate and Aim maneuvers give a bonus of +2 per round, not +1. Evaluate can give up to a +6 bonus, but does not stack with Telegraphic Attack. Aim can up to Acc+6 bonus, or Acc+7 for stabilized weapons.

Better Leadership Edit

At the start of each session, one PC (the leader) can use Tactics to make plans, at a bonus equal to the number of party members who know the skill (or Soldier) and a penalty equal to party size. Success earns a reroll, plus additional rerolls equal to the margin of success. Rerolls can be used in combat situations by any party member, if the leader passes a Leadership roll. If the leader is unconscious, dead or otherwise disabled, other PCs may attempt the Leadership roll at -2, but only 1 roll can be made per reroll attempt. Failing the skill check wastes the reroll opportunity.

The leader does not have to have the highest Tactics in the party, but only one PC can attempt the Tactics roll.

Fighting Withdrawals and Panicked Retreats Edit

Delvers who get in over their head have two options for disengaging:

  1. A fighting withdrawal is played out in tactical combat. The delvers have to run away from their foes and successfully escape. Any unconscious delvers must be recovered or abandoned. There is no penalty beyond embarrassment (and possibly loss of gear dropped so delvers can run faster) for engaging in a fighting withdrawal, and extra character points can be earned for dramatically rescuing downed comrades. If the delvers recover and return to defeat their foes, they get the normal CP award for the encounter.
  2. A panicked retreat is not played out in tactical combat, but is an act of fiat. If all living delvers declare they'll retreat the combat, they are all immediately allowed to flee, along with any unconscious delvers. No CP is earned for the encounter, and 1 CP is lost from the CP award at the end of the delve. If the delvers later defeat their foes, they still receive no CP for it.

Combat and Vision Penalties for Lighting Edit

Ignore the rules on basic p. 394 when dealing with lighting penalties, though they apply normally to obscured, concealed, or invisible characters.

Vision penalties for lighting are applied directly to all vision related Perception rolls and to all DX based rolls where vision is important. This includes combat, especially defense rolls. As usual, the applied penalty to Block and Parry is half the Vision penalty, and the applied Dodge penalty is one-quarter the Vision penalty. Fractions are rounded down.

Armed Interdiction Edit

Anyone may attempt the Armed Interdiction technique. No one may purchase it up from their default. Damage is reduced to -4 from normal, or -2 per die, whichever is worse. If attempting an Armed Interdiction would cause a weapon to break, the wielder drops it instead.