Ted Briggs
Thomas Burton - Dwarf RiggerGeek Maker and all around useful guy.
Dwarf SR
File:Thomas Burton - CoH Dwarf.pdf
Douglas Cole
Neil Stevenson. (No, not that one). Human Private Investigator. Dating daughter of ranch owner, Angela Rodriguez. Former soldier, former cop.
Nathan Joy
Yousef Hamidi  Human horseshoe.  Insanely lucky, generally easy to get along with, and a keen observer.  Former psyops soldier.
File:Yousef Hamidi (Nathan).pdf
Emily Smirle
Ryan John Carmody (Troll) UCMS hunting guide. Former street-person, recovered addict, college drop-out. File:Ryan John Carmody.pdf
Kevin Smyth

Raleigh Martin

Raleigh Martin UCMS rights activist, intellectual dilettante, and latent magician. Engaged to Jamie Kent.
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